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Vector Velocity Extreme Highspeed


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The Vector Velocity Extreme highspeed handpiece is Vector R&D’s signature product. The quality, performance, and value is what we have been striving to develop since our founding in 2001. This product breaks through the other “Me-Too” handpieces flooding today’s market. The Velocity Extreme sets us apart from all our competitors! We are no longer the OTHER German Handpiece Company – we are now THE German Handpiece Company!

Incredibly Quiet

Vector handpieces are designed, engineered, and built for performance. Compare power, torque, noise level, and durability to handpieces at twice the price – Vector will not disappoint even the most discerning dental professional. At only 55db these handpieces lead the way in ultra-quiet air-driven performance.

Powerful & Durable

Over 22 watts of power is produced making the Velocity Extreme one of the most powerful handpieces on the market. Precision-engineered spindle, all ceramic bearings, computer balance impeller, and one of the strongest holding chuck mechanisms ever, keep your handpieces running strong, smooth, and true!

Great Value

Compare initial purchase cost plus lifetime maintenance and service costs to the national brands and you will find Vector is in a class by itself. Compare to KaVo 6500BR (Vx10-SLK) and KaVo 4500BR (Vx9-SLK).

Massively Durable

ENDURO-Silencer turbines are completely redesigned for optimal power and near-silent performance! Computer balanced for concentricity. Sealed ceramic bearings for extra long, extra quiet durability! New POSI-GRIP push button auto-chuck – holds stronger – for longer! STOPS BUR SLIPPAGE!

Extremely Versatile

Velocity Extreme Handpieces are available in 3 of the most popular swivel coupler configurations KAVO, ADEC/W&H, and NSK style couplers! UPGRADE from any of these swivel
coupler styles without changing your tubing connections.

Innovative Engineering

While the other “German Guys” are reducing quality, removing features, and using alternate manufacturing sites to produce a low-cost alternative, we are increasing quality and adding features, while never cutting corners.

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