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Vector Alpha Air

Customers searching the internet for a “DEAL” on hand pieces will be relieved to find a reliable US supplier of an excellent, economical, basic highspeed handpiece.  We use an imported shell with a US-made turbine – which gets you the great “INTERNET” type pricing with quality of US-made moving parts!

Belmed Two Gauge Adjustable

The Belmed Two gauge adjustable gauges allow you to set the PSI as desired.

DCI Tuttnauer Circuit Breaker

Tuttnauer Style Circuit Breaker 7 Amp 7 amp Circuit Breaker (Tuttnauer #01910099) Push to reset 7 amp rating Fits model 1730 (230) Volt M&E


Belmed Flowmeter System with

Includes: Head, Short Mobile Stand (Hght 30"-40"), and Scavenger Rubber Goods

$3,562.00 $2,700.00 24.2% OFF

Beyes Comfort-Sonic P9

Boost your productivity and enhance patient experience with Beyes Comfort-Sonic P9, the LED Piezo Scaler that is as versatile as your operational needs. It is compact and easy to use for a variety of daily applications including scaling, endo, and perio. Effortlessly eliminate calculus and other stubborn buildups with its ergonomic lightweight handpiece that features six LED lights encircling the tip for optimal illumination. The precise power delivered through steady linear ultrasonic vibrations ensures not only low operating noise, but also that movement is concentrated only at the tip, resulting in handpiece stability and maximized user comfort.


M11 Fan – 115

M9 & M11, Fan, 115 Volt (Midmark #015-1368-00)


MD Technologies 20:1 Implant

• 20:1 Gear Ratio • Compare to NSK® SG20A

$650.00 $495.00 23.8% OFF

Beyes CareMaster®

Handpieces are one of the significant investments in the dental office. It is crucial to maintain their effectiveness, so the practitioner will have the cutting efficiency and durability that they need. The Beyes CareMaster is a solution for dynamic clinical needs.


Bucky Beaver Insert –

• Heavy calculus removal • All power ranges

Vector Lil Beaver Deluxe

Two Free Tips Included With Purchase!

Vector 2 OP Optic

Vector 2 OP Optic Package Includes: 6 Optic Type Highspeed Handpieces (VX Series) - $5100 Value 2 VKS-6 Swivel Couplers - $410 Value 2 VDOS Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Systems - $590 Value 2 VFOT 6 Pin Tubing - $290 Value 2 VL-S Vector Aerosol Cans - $84 Value