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MD Technologies Implant Motor

Complete set includes: Control box, Full-function- variable speed foot pedal, 40,000 rpm motor with led light, 20:1 reduction fiber-optic contra angle, integrated water pump with sterile water tube.  Fully adjustable and programmable. Works with every brand make or model of implant.

$2,495.00 $1,999.00 19.9% OFF

Turbo Torque Air Motor

• 20,000 RPM Motor • Universal E-Type Connection  

Vector LED-P Curing Light

• Two button easy operation • Can be used cordless or corded • Digital timer display with multiple mode selections: Boost (fast curing) and Ramp Up (soft start) • Rechargeable lithium battery capable for 200 - 10 second curing cycles before needing to be recharged

Vector Velocity Extreme Highspeed

The Vector Velocity Extreme highspeed is our signature product. The quality, performance, and value are what we have been striving to develop since our founding in 2001. This product breaks through the other “Me-Too” handpieces flooding today’s market. The Vector Velocity Extreme Highspeed sets us apart from all our competitors! We are no longer the […]


Vector ERGOTorque II

5,000 RPM Swivel nosecone 4 hole Forward-Reverse speed control ring

Turbo Torque 4:1 Nosecone

• Lowspeed Straight Nosecone • Fits all Standard E-Type Connections • Will accept any 3/16″ shaft lab bur, straight handpiece bur, any doriot style prophy • 4:1 Reduction

Vector F-Series Highspeed

• Torque Head • 3 Port Water Spray • Pushbutton


MD Technologies 20:1 Implant

• 20:1 Gear Ratio • Compare to NSK® SG20A

$650.00 $495.00 23.8% OFF

The Original Bucky Beaver

• For General Scaling • High to Med Power Range • External Spray


MD Technologies 20:1 Fiber

• Universal ISO E-Type Connection • Note: Motor system must have an optic connection • 20-2,000 RPM • 70Ncm Torque • Push Button Latch Type

$950.00 $695.00 26.8% OFF

MaxRay Cocoon

•Lightweight: Weighting less than 5lbs the MaxRay Cocoon is lightweight and ready to move. The camera shape is designed to be held with on hand or just the carrying strap. •Innovative Display: An easy to use display and control function. The MaxRay Cocoon comes equipped with voice prompts . •Long Lasting Battery: 500+ X-Rays – […]

$7,500.00 $5,595.00 25.4% OFF

Vector Alpha Air

Customers searching the internet for a “DEAL” on hand pieces will be relieved to find a reliable US supplier of an excellent, economical, basic highspeed handpiece.  We use an imported shell with a US-made turbine – which gets you the great “INTERNET” type pricing with quality of US-made moving parts!

VECTORMatic 1:5 Attachment

• 1:5 Speed Increasing • Quattro Water Spray • Fiber Optic • Internal Coolant • For use with FG burs


Turbo Torque Reciprocating Endo

The Vector Turbo Torque Reciprocating Endo Set Motor Packages accept all standard Hand Files. 90-degree turn reciprocating head and 10:1 reduction contra-angle. Comes complete and ready to do endo with 20,000 rpm air motor, 10:1 reduction E-type contra-angle & 90 degrees turn hand file head. Features & Benefits: 90-degree turn of the reciprocating head Accepts […]