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Traus Implant Handpiece EZ

20:1 Fiber Optic and Non-Optic Options Pushbutton 80 of Torque


Internal Spray Nozzle for

Internal Spray Nozzle for X Cube pushbutton type ACLP Saeshine handpieces.

Saeshin Implant Handpiece 20:1

20:1 Non-Optic Pushbutton 55 of Torque Note: Internal Irrigation Nozzle and Irrigation Tubes NOT included.

Internal Water Y-Connector for

The Internal Water Y-Connector for X Cube Saeshin Implant Handpieces


Traus SIP20 Implant Motor

Includes: Control Box, Handpiece, BLDC Motor (Optional), Foot Controller, Motor Stand, Hanger, Irrigation Tube, A-Sleeve, Internal Spray Nozzle (Optional), Foot Pole (Optional), Motor Cap (For Sterilization of Motor), Tube Holder, Tube Clamp, AC Power Cord, Spray Nozzle, Y-Tube (Optional), Instruction Manual

$3,500.00 $2,999.00 14.3% OFF

Traus SIP10 Implant Motor

Includes: Controller, 20:1 Handpiece, E-Type Motor, Foot Controller (Option), Power Cord, Irrigation Tube, Hanger, Motor Cap (for Autoclave), Tube Holder, Tube Clamp, Internal Spray Nozzle, Motor Stand, Instruction Manual

$2,499.00 $2,100.00 16% OFF

Saeshin X-Cube Implant Motor

Includes: Controller, Contra Angle Handpiece, E-Type Motor, Foot Controller, Hanger, Irrigation Tube, Motor Cap (For Autoclave), Tube Holder, Tube Clamp, Motor Stand, Power Cord, Spanner for Angle Handpiece, Instruction Manual

$1,899.00 $1,699.00 10.5% OFF
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Traus Implant Handpiece

OUT OF STOCK - Discontinued  20:1 Fiber Optic and Non-optic Options Pushbutton 70 of Torque