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Mailer Kit

Please note if you cannot wait 2-3 days for the mailer kit to arrive, please request a free shipping label to send in your handpieces, and we will send you your mailer kit with your handpieces upon return. 

Essential Dental Repairs is ready to provide your office with dental handpiece repair services. We understand that offices depend on the quality of their handpieces, and inherently the repairs your handpieces go through. 

 Complete the form below for a free mailer kit, to receive a shipping box with return labels, information, and more. We look forward to taking care of your handpiece needs! 

Sending in your handpiece with our prepaid shipping label + mailer kit means you will receive a pre-packaged box directly to your office. Using that box you can send in your handpiece for repair at no cost. Within 24 hours of receiving your handpieces, we will provide you with an estimate for all repairs needed. From there upon your approval your handpieces will be repaired and shipped back out to your office within 24 to 48 hours (we will always notify you if this lead time will be longer). Essential Dental Repairs proudly services offices nationwide, with high-quality handpiece repairs. 

Free Shipping Label