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Flight A6 Operatory Package

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A6 Operatory Package Includes:

A6 Patient Chair

Flight A6 OTP Delivery Unit

Flight A6 Standard Assitant Instrumentation

Flight A6 Porcelain Cuspidor

Flight Torch LED Light Post Mounted


Warranty: 1 Year

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The Flight A6 Operatory Package is a compact, ergonomic, and modern dental operatory system. It features a hybrid lift system that combines a strong hydraulic base and a quiet electromechanical back motor that allows a smooth synchronized movement of the chair to deliver faster patient positioning.

In addition, the thin backrest and contoured base plate allow the user optimal maneuverability and access to the oral cavity. It comes standard with a one-piece rotating cuspidor, Torch LED Light, Chair Controls for the doctor and Assistant Side, and a clean water bottle system. The ergonomic design of the chair allows you to work efficiently at 9, 10, 11, or 12 o’clock positions without any obstructions. Available in both NA and Continental Style delivery systems.

A6 Patient Chair (Standard Features):

  • Hydraulic Base and Electromechanical Back Rest
  • Seat Height 13.7″ to 29.5″ (350 to 750mm)
  • Backrest Reclining Angle -5° to 64°
  • Electronic Deluxe Foot Control: 2 Programmable positions, Auto-Return and Last Position
  • Safety Shut-Off Plate
  • Input Voltage (110v or 220v)

Delivery System:

  • Straight Aseptic Tubing for Three Handpieces
  • Convenient Brake Release for Flex Arm
  • Master on-off Control
  • Individual Non-retracting Water Coolant Adjustment
  • Stainless Steel Tray
  • Purge System for Handpiece Tubing
  • Includes 3 in 1 Syringe

Post Mounted Utility Features:

  • One-piece Cuspidor with Removable Ceramic Bowl
  • Automatic Bowl Rinse and Timed Cup Fill
  • Assistant’s Instrumentation (HVE, SE, 3in1 Syringe)
  • Vacuum canister with Solids Collector Screen
  • Self Contained water bottle system with City/Water Bottle Selector
  • Quick Disconnect water connection

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