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Belmed Flowmeter PC7

Belmed Flowmeter Head Only PC7


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The Belmed Flowmeter PC7 is one of the most popular dental flowmeters in the industry. The PC7 allows medical professionals to safely control and monitor the flow rates of both oxygen (O2) and nitrous oxide (N2O) being administered to a patient during a procedure. Each of these gases can be adjusted using the dial controls located on the flowmeter. The available flow rates for adult patients range from 3-10 LPM for oxygen and 0-7 LPM for nitrous oxide.

Additional information

Head Dimensions

8.75”H X 3.75”W X 10.25”D

Weight of Flowmeter Head


Bag and Outlet Diameter

22MM (Approx. 7/8")

Oxygen Flow Range

3-10 LPM

Nitrous Oxide Flow Range

0-7 LPM

Fail-Safe Type



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