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Woodpecker S6 Piezo Scaler


Includes: Main unit, Detachable handpiece, Power supply, Footswitch, Scaling tip GD5, GD12, PD4, PD7, PD12, ED60, Torque Qrench, Endo Wrench, Water Pipe, Waterproof O-Ring, LED Lamp, Instructions, Qualified Certification, and Warranty Card
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SKU: 27-50-S6

Product details

The Woodpecker S6 Piezo Scaler is an LED Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler with three modes: Scaling, Perio, and Endo.

Ultrasonic root canal treatment

Rapid preparation, root canal orifice locating, removal of foreign body in the root canal, endodontic irrigation, root canal retreatment, supragingival scaling, and periodontal treatment.
Compatible with more than 70 kinds of DTE tips.

Smart Touch System 

Clear control panel display, ultrasensitive touch control. Waterproof design.

Real-Time Frequency Tracking

According to the features of different tips, conduct real-time monitoring and automatically output matching vibrating frequency, so as to ensure that tips work under ideal conditions.

Detachable Handpiece

Adopt the latest handpiece sealing technique, making it able to be autoclaved. Patients feel more comfortable during treatment.

Sine-Wave Drive

Avoid stimulation caused by instantaneous current output. Bring patients with comfortable treatment. Embody comfortable scaling.




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