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Woodpecker Implanter Plus


Includes 20:1 Fiber Optic Contra Angle
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The Woodpecker Implanter Plus is the highest configuration implant motor from Woodpecker. Implanter Plus is your favorite assistant for high-precision dental implanting treatment.

Key Features:

Implanter Plus adopts a mute motor imported from Swiss, outstanding quality makes it your solid choice. motor torque can generate 80Ncm output torque, making difficult surgery easier. Both the motor and cable are autoclavable.


Advanced FOC controlling technique blends lowspeed performance with high-speed performance.


Large color touch screen with glass surface enables clear display, easy to control and clean. Visual images display every procedure in implant surgery. Wiping disinfection ensures safety in the treatment area.


LED Contra-angle ensures visibility, helping to achieve treatment of high accuracy and efficiency. High-precision contra-angle with tiny oscillations enables stable torque output under highspeed and low speed. German-made advanced bearings guarantee performance and durability.


A multi-function foot pedal can realize an aseptic operation and liberate two hands.


The mute peristaltic pump water supply system is easy to connect and compatible with disposable oral water pipes to ensure the safety of treatment.


Preset parameters eliminate the setting process.

Woodpecker Implanter Plus Implant Motor w/ 20:1 fiber optic contra angle

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