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Woodpecker Implant Air


Includes 20:1 Fiber Optic Contra Angle
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The Woodpecker Implant Air is the latest and most advanced version of the implant motor from Woodpecker which is completely redesigned to be simple, precise, and reliable for your implant surgery. Implanter Air will be your favorite assistant for high-precision dental implanting treatment.

Automatic Calibration

The Implant Air features torque startup automatic calibration (TSAC) which ensures that the device calibrates itself for accuracy every time it is turned on, eliminating additional manual operations.

Continuous Torque Output 

The torque is displayed in real-time. Once the output torque reaches the preset value during implantation, the torque output with continue with a preset value, ensuring that the implant placement torque reaches the preset target with higher accuracy. When the torque reaches the preset value, it will continue to output without automatic stop, avoiding insufficient torque output.

Peak Value Display

In the implantation procedure, the user interface is set with peak value for real-time recording of the peak output torque of each operation, which is convenient for doctors to judge the highest torque of the current operation, confirm the implant’s initial stability, and reduce redundant steps.

Swiss Motor

The 5.5 Swiss motor with a 20:1 handpiece guarantees a terminal maximum out torque of 80 to satisfy various surgical needs. LED motor visualizes the entire implant surgery, making it more efficient.

Multi-Function Foot Pedal

Water volume control, program switching, forward and reveres rotation switching, and speed control, can all be completed by the multi-functional foot pedal. True aseptic operation.

Woodpecker Implant Air Implant Motor w/ 20:1 fiber optic contra angle

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