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Traus CAB10LN Highspeed


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Traus Air-driven series Deliver Unsurpassed Quality & Innovation Since 1976 The Traus CAB10LN Highspeed Air-driven handpieces are created based on Saeshin’s over 40 years of experience and passion in handpiece design and micro processing. The strong power, quiet, and vibration-free handpieces along with excellent grip maximize the user’s efficiency with excellent performance.

Push Button Chuck

Efficient Cartridge Push Button Chuck is an elaborately and precisely designed mechanism that allows easy insertion and removal of burs with a simple “One-Press” of button. Moreover, the tension on the bur increases as it rotates; This means anyone can perform the procedure safely

Ceramic Ball Bearing

Despite its lighter weight compared to steel, these ceramic bearings with higher rigidity make the air turbine run longer with minimum noise.

Efficient Cartridge

This exceptional Traus-designed Cartridge features maximum efficient torque that never runs out.

Clean Head System

Clean Head System has four built-in air holes and this anti-suck beck mechanism stops foreign matter from entering the head from the oral cavity. As a result, it helps mechanical parts and components last longer.

Quattro Spray

Quattro Spray effectively lowers the surface temperature of the bur by accurately spraying through 4 water streams that are precisely designed.


Ti-coating applies the latest Titanium coating technology which not only increases scratch resistance and durability. but also provides a comfortable grip without dipping.

Ergonomic Grip

The TRAUS Ait-Driven handpiece is designed to make the user comfortable and feel the least fatigued.

Optic Illumination

Optic Illumination gives the most ideal light intensity and angle sight for its users.

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Water Spray






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