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A proven advancement in “RapidCycle” sterilization, the CPAC RH-Pro9 sterilizer will raise your level of sterilization efficiency in a convenient size! Using Cutting-Edge HVHA (High-Velocity Hot Air) technology, the RH-Pro9 provides the fastest instrument turnaround of any FDA-Cleared sterilization technology. No steam or water means no lengthy drying cycle with a longer instrument life free of corrosion.

For Healthcare, the RH-Pro9 can Eliminate Immediate-Use Steam Sterilization, shortened cycles, work-arounds, and Joint Commission scrutiny!

3 Year Warranty
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Product details

The RH-Pro9’s small size means it fits in most dental cabinets while still featuring three instrument trays to handle your sterilization needs.

  • FDA-Cleared 6-Minute Sterilization Cycles(Unwrapped)
  • FDA-Cleared 12-Minute Sterilization Cycles (Wrapped)
  • Smaller Cabinet-Ready Size (1163 Cubic Inches)
  • 65% More Energy Efficient Than Steam
  • Non-Corrosive Sterilizer Environment
  • Full 3-Year Warranty
  • Waterless Sterilization with No Chemicals
  • Convenient Smaller Size — Three Instrument Trays

No Dry Cycle

Improves Instrument Turnaround Time and removes the threat of environmental contamination and instrument corrosion from wet instruments.

No Water

Saves Time & Improves Patient Safety – With no water required, the potential for contamination from improperly cleaned water reservoirs is eliminated.

No Extensive Maintenance

There is no costly and time-consuming maintenance – Only a few minutes a week is needed to ensure the safe and effective operation of an RH-Pro Sterilizer.

Low-Temperature Cycle Options

CPAC has created low-temperature cycles to process devices/instruments that are known or could potentially become degraded by RapidHeat’s standard High-Temperature cycle of 375°F.

  • Three temperature cycles: 320°F (160°C), 300°F (149°C), 280°F (138°C)
  • Choice of three low-temperature cycles
  • Allows user to validate and verify 12-log kill sterilization
  • Eliminates heat-sensitive device concerns
  • Time/temperature profiles equivalent to steam

RapidCycle Sterilization

Unlike traditional Dry Heat, RapidHeat™ is an advanced thermal sterilization technology circulating high velocity hot air in a sealed chamber at 200 to 300 air exchanges per minute.

  • Complete cycle from door closed to door open is 20 minutes for wrapped instruments!
  • No drying time required
  • Easy to use – push button operation

Additional information

Unit Size (OD)

19.6″ W x 17.5″ D x 13.3″ H
498 mm x 445 mm x 338 mm

Chamber Size (ID)

9.5”W x 15.6”D x 7.85”H,
241mm x 396mm x 199mm


60 lbs (27 Kg)

Instrument Tray

7.3”W x 12”D x 0.85”H


110-120V, 60Hz, 1400 Watts warm up, 300 Watts operating
220-240V, 60Hz, 1400 Watts warm up, 200 Watts operating

Sterilization Temperature

375°F (190°C)
320°F (160°C)
300°F (149°C)
280°F (138°C)


Meets Requirements of U.S. Electrical Safety Standards.


3 Year Warranty

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