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Adec Performer Light Bulb


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SKU: 8688

Product details

Bulb to fit A-dec® Performer®

  • Performer® Bulb, (A-dec® #041.513.00)
  • H-3 Bulb Type, 12 Volt AC/55 watt
  • Used by A-dec® Performer®
  • Used by Ampco Contender, Fiad
  • Used by Healthco
  • Used by SDS Fantastic Belmont
  • Used by Celux
  • Used by Chayes Virginia
  • Used by DCI Equipment Pro 70
  • Used by Marus Pro 72
  • TPC L800
  • SDS 1355

OEM part number

This item corresponds with the following brands and manufacturers.

A-dec(R) 041-513-00
A-dec(R) 041.513.00
Beaverstate Dental CLX-011
Chapman-Huffman 16-040
DCI Equipment 70-21075
DCI Equipment 70-52R486
Marus 21075
Belmont Dental 8000 1006

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