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Accurator A2 Apex Locator


Includes: Apex Locator, compatible with G2 Endo Motor
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SKU: AL2080

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The Accurator A2 Apex Locator is a Newly upgraded algorithm that makes it more stable and enables stronger anti-interference ability.

  • Multi-frequency apical position technology guarantees accurate measuring even if there is blood or residual pulp in the root canal.
  • Measurement results will not be affected by the tooth type.


Thumb disadvantage of handing method


Disadvantage of handling method

Based on hand feeling and the patient’s pain, dentists decide whether the measuring tool reaches the apical foramen, with high subjectivity and low accuracy. Foreign literature suggests that providing the range of error +0.5 mm, the accuracy of handling method is only 42%.


Thumb disadvantage of x ray film


Disadvantage of X-ray film

3D structure shooting at a 2D plane, because of different angles, easily getting wrong data. Apical foramen can’t be shown in the X-ray film, for over 80% of apical foramens are in the side edge instead of the apex.

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