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Ready to purchase new equipment? Learn more about financing options.

Investing in high-quality dental equipment is essential for any dental practice, but the cost of purchasing this equipment can be significant. Financing offers a way for your practice to obtain the equipment you need without paying for it upfront. To learn more about our financing options through our partner lenders, contact us. 

Tax Benefits

Take advantage of section 179 tax savings on your next equipment purchase.

Earn your ROI

ROI is critical for every part of your practice. Earn it back while making payments.

Get the Equipment

With the flexibility of financing your practice can get exactly what is needed.

Learn about ROI on your equipment:

Let’s say you purchased an autoclave and handpiece maintenance system for your practice, totaling to $20,000

You decide to go with a finance term of 36 months (3 years) at a 5% interest rate.  

With a new autoclave and maintenance system your sterilization process speed up and you’re able to fit in two more patients a day. This adds another $50,000 annual profit to your practice. In addition to profit your practice is saving $3,000 a year because you’re spending less on maintenance and repairs. 

Additional Annual Rev: $50,000

Annual Cost Savings: $3,000

Total Annual ROI: $53,000

Total ROI over 3 years: $159,000

Total Cost of Equipment over 3 years: $21,579.05

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