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Beyes L-A2 Scaler Tip

• L-A2 = LM Dental®: 37 • Used for lingual and buccal subgingival scaling and furcations. Also suitable for supragingival fine scaling and spot removal.

Beyes K-11 Scaler Tip

• K-11, = Kavo®: 11 • Sickle Scaler type for removal of supragingival calculus. The diamond-shaped cross-section allows efficient scaling.

Beyes Round Bur 10pcs

• 10 Piece Pack • Diamond Burs

Beyes Maxso Lowspeed Motor

5k to 20k RPM ISO E-Type Non-Optic No Water

Beyes Maxso Contra Angle

• Contra Angle for ISO E-Type • No Water Spray • Multiple Head Types


Beyes Maxso X99L

1:5 Gear Ratio 200,000 RPM Quattro Water Spray Fiber Opitc FG Burs

Beyes Maxso® Straight Smart

• For CA Burs • Max 40,000 RPM • ISO E-Type Connection • No Water Spray

Beyes Slimax-C Plus

The Beyes Slimax-C Plus Curing Light System provides an innovative built-in digital radiometer that gives you an instant output measurement. You will be more confident than ever when calculating the curing time. This system is also equipped with an LED display panel to give you the control that you need. It is powered by a […]

Beyes Maxso® EP12-NS Hygiene Handpiece

• Fits all standard ISO E-Type air motors and electric micromotors • 4:1 Reduction straight nosecone • For use with disposable prophy angles • 10,000 RPM

Beyes Maxso® Contra Angle

• Contra Angle for ISO E-Type • Internal Water Spray • Fiber-Optic and Non-Optic • Multiple Head Types • Heads and Handpieces can be bought separately to combine based on your intended use


Beyes FutureMaster Kit

The Beyes lowspeed handpiece kit is the perfect handpiece set. Includes: • SL2028: Maxso Contra Angle 1:1 Latch Type • ST2010: Maxso Straight Nosecone • MT2010: Maxso Air Motor Smart • HP2105: Maxso M200E Smart 

Beyes Egg Bur 10pcs

• 10 Piece Pack • Diamond Burs

Beyes E-E10 Scaler Tip

• Apical root debridement