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Beyes K-9 Scaler Tip

• K-9, = Kavo®: 9 • Quickly removes obstructions and broken instruments in the middle and apical thirds of large and straight canals.

Beyes Maxso E800P Kit

The Beyes Maxso E800P Kit is the perfect kit to set up an electric system in your practice. Use your existing unit with this plug and play system, with two 1:5 attachments included.


Beyes Maxso X200X

Quattro Water Spray 27W of Power 430,000RPM Pushbutton Fiber Optic +

Beyes Maxso X200 Smart

Triple Water Spray 21W of Power Pushbutton 400,000 RPM Fiber Optic

Beyes K-6 Scaler Tip

• K-6 = Kavo®: 6 • For removal of large areas of supragingival calculus.

Beyes E-E1 Scaler Tip

• E-E1, = EMS®: 120°file hoder • For the flexibility to use different endo files, specifically suited for anterior and premolar areas

Maxso M200 Smart

The Maxso M200 Smart handpiece is designed to meet expectations in modern dental procedures. High quality components and a comfortable grip with a Micro-Tex finish provides superior handling. The well-aimed triple water spray will offer excellent coolant effects. Maxso series comes with a variety of connections; simply attach the Maxso handpiece to your existing system.

Beyes Maxso® Straight Plus

• 1:1 Internal Spray • ISO E-Type Connection • Fiber-Optic and Non-Optic


Beyes Disposable Prophy Angles

The Beyes Disposable Prophy Angles: • 100 Pack • Fits all lowspeed handpieces • Noise-reducing technology makes each angle run smoothly without vibration • Contra head designed to reduce hand fatigue • Webbed latex-free cups for east care and less spatter • Designed to access hard-to-reach areas

Beyes Egg Bur 10pcs

• 10 Piece Pack • Diamond Burs

Beyes Maxso X99L

1:5 Gear Ratio 200,000 RPM Quattro Water Spray Fiber Opitc FG Burs

Beyes Needle Bur 10pcs

In any dental practice, burs are one of the most commonly used instruments. Beyes Diamond Burs are innovative and use the highest grade materials to ensure they meet the highest standard possible. Faster efficiency reduces less waiting time in the chair. Upgrade your office to the gold standard of Beyes Diamond Burs.